• guest

    on January 15, 2013

    there is awesome and then what???? can't find a word to describe this outstanding album of night shots

    how do you do that??

  • Rita Odland

    on January 12, 2013

    Stunning photos, Duane. Especially like the photos of the drifted snow with the light streaking. Amazing photos as always. Mr. Owl looks warm too,it has the best view.

  • Donna

    on January 12, 2013

    Amazing shots, all of them, but the owl is exquisite. I would have been so excited to see him. Great work in those cold temps. A flashlight eh? OUTSTANDING

  • Diane

    on January 12, 2013

    Once again, you took my breath away. Awesome pictures. Dad would be so proud of you Duane, always capturing the "Chicken" with the big eye(LOL). You are the best!!!!

  • Kevin McElheran

    on January 12, 2013

    Not even -24 will slow you down! You sure lucked out getting that owl to rest on the pole for you. Word on the street is, you are thee Owl Whisperer!....or were you just screaming words you can't repeat here?...anyway, what ever language you chose to use, you get them to listen to you. Wish I was hang'n with the gang last night...great subjects, your choice of lighting...it all works very, VERY well!!