• donna

    on December 26, 2012

    totally gorgeous

  • Guest

    on December 26, 2012

    love this whole gallery ecpecially this one

  • bestofnature

    on October 31, 2012

    Some great pictures. Althought I really like the horses, you got some outstanding landscape pictures as well. Very nice.

  • Jean Edes

    on October 30, 2012

    I would worry about the foal over the winter, it is very late.Great Shots Duane and I love the Mountain View shots and of course the wild horse shots are great. They are in good shape and that is a good thing. lots of grass for them.

  • Guest

    on October 29, 2012

    Thanks again Duane. The scenery is beautiful and the horses are great. Gosh they sure look healthy.